5 Unique Things to Explore in Australia

Australia is a place where you will find people who are friendly and possess fun-loving nature. One can easily find the sign of such traits even in the festivals they organize. Let’s have a look at some of the unique but famous festivals. Being a participant, I can say that it all showers lots of love and joy around.

  1. Chinchilla Melon Festival

Do you believe one festival can make a small town famous on the map of the world? Yes it is true. Chinchilla Melon festival has attracted many visitors from across the globe. This place is located in Darling Downs region in West of Brisbane. Being started by local business men from the Melon Capital of Australia, Chinchilla, it has visitor base of 10,000 in every two years. The crowd gets more joy in watching the Melon Skiing where all competitors squish their feet in to watermelons and there are lots of slipping and sliding while reaching to the finish line. One can also enjoy Melon Chariot Race as well.

  • Penny Farthing Championships

If you ever want to experience the most completive penny farthing races across the world, you must travel to Tasmanian town of Evandale. It is just 20 minutes away from South of Launceston. During the championship, people come here from across the world to cheer for the riders of these grand old cycles of old era.

  • Julia Creek Dirt ‘n’ Dust Festival

Some of the hottest sports are horseracing and bull riding. It can excite anybody to know that Julia Creek Dirt ‘n’ Dust Festival in Queensland is all about this only. There are different types of competitions and it seeks audience’s attention very well. One of the famous competitions is bog-snorkeling. You will be thrilled to know it is an underwater race through a mud-filled trench.

  • Uluru Camel Cup

It is time to have some more fun by watching camel race. You need to be experienced jockey to take your racing camels to the finish line. It brings lots of excitement to see some edge-cutting fight among jockeys. Fashion on the field contest, live entertainment and not to forget, camel dung throwing contest among people who have come here to enjoy.

  • Goomeri Pumpkin Festival

While driving, if you ever do a three-hour drive north of Brisbane, Goomeri Pumpkin Festival is waiting for all. Imagine the moment when you get to see the biggest pumpkins ever. It is grown by the local farmers. Some of the famous events that happen-Pumpkin shot put and Pumpkin bowls.

Then what are you waiting for? It is your time to experience and explore some of the exciting things in Australia. I have been there and have really had time of my life. These Aussie festivals reflect the real happiness. Australia has lots to offer to its visitors across the country. You can experience nature friendly festivals and other unique stuffs which you can never forget. It is time to pack your bag and drive towards a never-ending happiness.

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