Cheap Airlines Tickets to Manila for a Historical Holiday

Philippines has always been a great destination for vacations. Manila, the capital city, especially sees a lot of traffic – people are just drawn here because of its rich historical heritage. Manila had been colonized by Spaniards in the 16th century when they came looking for a stronghold against the Portuguese who had marauded most of the trade nearby. In Manila, Spaniards found what they were looking for, and bestowed it with their culture, architecture, art style and much more in heritage than one can imagine. Manila has many forts, churches and olden structures from then that you can explore.

On the other hand, Manila is also cosmopolitan. The new-age developments and progress haven’t left this capital untouched; in fact, infrastructure is booming in the heart of the city and catching up with the world. Manila still remains closer to the ground in certain parts of the city, confusing many a traveler about its nature. Regardless, it has been aptly named “Pearl of the Orient” for those patients enough to get it to open and take the pearl inside. Book flights tickets to Manila today to experience this city yourself. Cheap Flights Freak offers cheap airlines tickets to Manila – deals not to miss.


Manila offers you a hoard of sights and scenes to enjoy if you are willing to explore the city with as much zeal. Book flights tickets to Manila through Cheap Flights Freak and get ready for some of the most interesting structures and cultures you will see in this city.

  • Fort Santiago: If huge, sturdy stone masonry doesn’t impress you, what will? Fort Santiago is the most visited site in Manila. This fort stands on the bank of Pasig river, almost like guarding the entrance. The imposing façade gives way to beautiful manicured gardens and plazas inside, almost like defying the true purpose of the structure. There is an arched gateway at the end. You can come here for a daylong trip, maybe bring a picnic basket with you and enjoy a few moments sitting by the peaceful lily ponds inside. For the curious cats, this fort also holds the recreated cell of Dr José Rizal, a national hero who was imprisoned here.Cheap airlines tickets to Manila are easily available online – book now before they sell out.
Fort Santiago
Fort Santiago
  • Bamboo organ of Las Pinas: This is the singular most amazing thing you see in Manila, because the creation of this organ stemmed from limitation of funds to build the real thing. It was built between 1816 and 1824 from bamboo, although the trumpets were still made from metal. This mastermind idea belonged to Padre Diego Cera, which gave the church a fully-functional organ and did not strain anyone’s pocket during lean times. Book a tour to this place and experience the melodies that come out of this musical instrument – tours include a brief concert on the organ.Cheap Flights Freak offers cheap flights to Manila; grab yours and check out this historical instrument of improvised creativity.
Bamboo organ of Las Pinas
Bamboo organ of Las Pinas
  • San Augustin Church: The turmoil that this church has seen, perhaps no other monument has gone through in Manila; yet the beauty that it exudes far outweighs the difficult times it has survived. The oldest church in Manila, this structure withstood the destruction of WWII, seven earthquakes and the Battle of Manila. The church is still in healthy operation, and quite active with events too. The high entrance conceals the beautiful frescoes adorning its vaulted ceilings inside. There are antiques and other precious valuables kept inside the church on display, making it very interesting for the visitors.
San Augustin Church

San Agustin Church
  • Ayala Museum: This museum will bring you head-to-head with the Filipinos and what their culture is all about – and your kids will love it too. Interactive exhibits include creatively, delicately built miniature models tracing Filipino history back to the day. You will love the exhibits showing pre-Hispanic gold jewelry and indigenous textiles from Filipino history and culture. Yet another exhibit shows masterpieces from the brushes of Filipino masters like Amorsolo and Luna. Book flights tickets to Manila to not miss out on this amazing culture trip.
Ayala Museum
Ayala Museum

Pack your bags and get ready to leave for Manila, because this vacation is going to be a heady dive into culture and history.

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