Live Like A King in London – Best Hotels to Book For Your Trip

London is an amazing experience to be had at least once in a lifetime. The grandeur and gothic architecture of the old buildings spill antiquity everywhere while the modern buildings of London ooze ultra modern vibe. This city has it all when it comes to tourism. It offers you fantastic holidays across the year and part of it is possible because of the impeccable hospitality industry that this place takes pride in. The hotels in London or just a cut above the rest of the world. You get to choose from a variety of old world heritage to the cutting edge technologically advanced lodging services. London is one of the most visited city on the planet and this pushes the hospitality industry to it’s limits. With the ever-increasing demand for more hotels London has upped the anti in the hospitality service as it is very easy to find cheap flight tickets to London. Here is a small list of places where you can stay in London.


Taj 51 Buckingham gate suites and residences.This isone of the finest hotels that London has to offer. The interiors of this hotel are grand and dramatic that leave you in awe and make you slow your pace to enjoy the carefully curated hallways and the ceilings. This place has it all when it comes to the modern amenities too. It has a bar, restaurants, spa, laundry, fitness center, steam room, sauna and Wi-Fi. This is a suite only hotel with large suites that are quite extravagantly designed. It is an absolute blast to spend time here.

  • The Goring. This is anold hotel that has been running by the same family since 1910. It is placed across the street from Buckingham palace and has a large garden to it’s advantage. It had never been a very flamboyant hotel but has a sense of understated elegance going on. The rooms are freshly redesigned and the service here is very good. The place is well equipped with a restaurant, bar, laundry, parking and wifi. It is a premium experience to stay opposite to the Buckingham palace, isn’t it?
  • The Stafford London. This is one elegant place to stay in London. It is a very friendly hotel with an American bar and restaurant. The rooms are superb and there is a 350-year old wine cellar that served as a bomb shelter during the war days. This place is quite popular with the American tourists. This place is well decked with all the facilities and requirements. Moreover, it is close to many tourist spots of the city.
  • The Ritz London. Undeniable one of the loveliest places to stay in London. It has all the drama and the poise you should expect from a London vacation. The staff is extremely well mannered and trained and the service is impeccable. This hotel has been the center of celebrations for over a century now. The rooms here are luxurious and have beautiful view. The dining here is superb with probably the best dining room in Europe. This is a must experience hotel of London for sure with all the modern amenities and services available.

These are just a few hotels that can be cramped in here. There are plenty more to discover on your own. In fact, London is so we’ll connected that it has cheap flights connecting to London from all major airports around the globe. You can book cheap flight tickets to London by buying your tickets as soon as they are up for sale as many airlines offer early bird discounts.

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