Top 5 Madagascar Beaches You Must Know

Have you ever really yearned for an insanely adventurous beach holiday? Madagascar is no more than an ideal coastline where you can enjoy taking small sips of the best cocktails under the shade of palm trees on the softest white-sand beaches.

Madagascar beaches are possibly world’s most stunning shores, not to mention those ample amounts of resorts that are just enough to make your holiday as exciting as a godsend. The majority of islands in Madagascar lies offshore and ideally is the best holiday destinations for couples who want to indulge in the absolute bliss of isolation.

On top of that, if you are the one, having the pledge of witnessing the adventurous sea life – this place is just right for you. You can even harness the opportunities of snorkeling, exploring the life of coral reefs which are certainly not uncommon in such places.

Well, if you are not that good at making choices here is a quick run-through about some jaw-dropping beach destinations across Madagascar.

  1. Tsarabanjina

This island is Madagascar’s smallest tourist island especially known for its scenic beauty situated about 64 km away from Nosy Be, provided that there are no other means of transportation than boats, with one single cottage that gets reserved in advance. So if you fancy finding the solace in solitude for not just a day, never forget to act upon accordingly to confirm booking.

With a plethora of water sports options from catamaran sailing, water skiing, fishing to scuba diving, this island is a definite must go-to-place for water sports enthusiasts. The Mitsio coral reefs, a popular dive spot on this island in case you want to make the most out of scuba diving.

  • Manafiafy

Another smaller beach of Madagascar, Manafiafy is ideally located on the south-east area of this island, showcasing the stunningly beautiful tree-lined bay. The thrilling combination of white sands and blue waters makes this picturesque beach even more beautiful. You cannot actually afford to lose such once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of experiencing snorkeling, whale watching, canoeing, kayaking and what not.

  • Nosy Be

An insanely popular beach Nosy Be is considered as an epitome of beauty, offering an outstanding opportunity for shopping enthusiasts coming across the world to purchase the best spice. Tourists also want to visit this island just to spot one of the rarest mammal species, the Omura whale.

  • Nosy Komba

Nosy Komba is a popular beach destination for those who get super-hyped for a vacation trip in exquisite islands, coves, and hills. If wildlife is something that fascinates your soul then you might not mind backpacking in this isolated place. The abundance of wildlife makes this place photo ready for travelers.

  • Anjajavy

It might not get any more perfect than this island, Anjajavy, a place for swimmers and non-swimmers too. If you want to take your adventurous journey to the whole new level, be sure to enjoy the beautiful infinity pool-view without getting ventured into the deeper water.

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